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Black, Female-Owned Creative Design Agency Perseveres Despite Pandemic

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

In March of 2020, COVID-19 shook the world to its core, causing millions world-wide to re-evaluate a completely new approach to everyday life. These sentiments couldn’t reign anymore true for Brianna Jones, a single mother of one, healthcare industry worker, graduate student, and graphic design business owner. As though she wasn’t already juggling more responsibilities than the average parent, Brianna was also presented with the added challenge of safely traversing the threat of COVID-19 exposure for her and her daughter as a “high-risk” family. “Much like the rest of the world, our definition of normalcy became Lysol and wiping down groceries before they come in the kitchen,” Brianna recalls. Finally making the tough yet worthwhile decision to protect her daughter at all costs, Brianna left her full-time job in 2020 and unexpectedly added homeschool teacher to her resume this year.

As a high achiever and relentless go getter, she also fully committed to both her studies and the success of her boutique creative design agency, House 273 – named in honor of her grandparents’ country home address where she grew up as a child. House 273 applies an innovative and customized approach to planning, conceptualizing, and curating visual brand assets that reflect the heart and soul of businesses across the nation.

Photo courtesy of Valerie.Demo

Using the added time away from the world, courtesy of the pandemic, Brianna also used 2020 to focus on pursuing her Master’s degree in Lifespan and Digital Communication from Old Dominion University, while also working as a teaching assistant. After bringing a business coach on board in October of last year, she began streamlining the operations process for House 273 and expanding the brand’s presence. Brianna even managed to complete her 1st year of graduate school while simultaneously home-schooling her daughter, student teaching, and making the time to book her first two speaking engagements.

Photo courtesy of Valerie.Demo

Despite mounting issues and concerns caused by the pandemic, Ms. Jones approached 2021 with her mind set on consistent increase and overflow for herself and her family. Following a joint collaboration with strategic powerhouse, Tabitha D. James, Brianna took House 273 to higher heights landing significant projects and securing lucrative networking opportunities. With unrivaled tenacity, she single-handedly increased sales by 116%, raised transaction rates by $44, and propelled clientele by 33% from the previous year. Using her magnetic personality and authentic business acumen, the Head of House 273 also hired the design agency’s 1st photographer and copywriter in 2021, while also delivering new service offerings due to such high demand.

Photo courtesy of Valerie.Demo

In 2022, Brianna and House 273 are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to design excellence and expansion. Starting in January with an internship with SHEAM, a bustling business strategy company and plans to grow the core team with junior designers and an internship program for high schoolers and undergraduates, this graphic design genius and creative mastermind is well on her way to building an enduring legacy that her daughter and family can be incredibly proud of. In the Summer of 2022, the world will have to brace itself for yet another Brianna Jones brainchild as she prepares to launch CoeCoe and Company, a stationery brand specializing in the design of sketchbooks, notebooks, and writing accessories. Brianna Jones and House 273 are a dynamic duo, poised to continue taking the world by storm, one vibrant visual project at a time.

Release Credit – Keontá Ramsey of Eloquence Unlimited

Photo Credit - Valerie of Valerie Demo Photography


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